Party in Panama

Panama City has great night life. The people in Panama party until the wee hours of the morning (normally until around 4 or 5 am). When you go on one of our surf tours, you will most likely spend at least one night in Panama City, and you have the option to go out and party hard.

There are literally dozens of great discos, bars, adult night clubs and restaurants to party at. Panama City offers just about everything for everyone, depending on what your style is. Most of the big international restaurant chains are also in Panama including Bennigans, Friday’s, Hooters, etc.

Panama also has its own hometown restaurants that are just as good as the franchises, including Pizzeria Italia (the best pizza on earth!), Napoli, Athens, Gaucho’s, Bolero, Viejo Pipo, Sushi Itto, Rodizzio’s, Eurasia, Creppes & Waffles, Peperoccini di Mare, La Posta, Barcos Café, Ozone Café, Greenhouse, and several others. There are also great sushi restaurants, Brazilian steak restaurants, and much more.

Whatever your style is for night entertainment, Panama City has all of the right places to go.

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