Other Breaks in the Area: There are a few additional breaks accessible from Catalina by foot or by boat. Some of these include:

PBravaPunta Brava

A rock bottom, fast and hollow left hander. Located south of Catalina, about a 30 minute walk from the hotels, on the far point past the Catalina Beach Break. This place gets double the size of Catalina. Must surf this place on medium to low tide.

Catalina Beach Break

A sand beach break with hollow lefts and rights and some close-outs. About 1 mile long with rock points on each side, located South of the Catalina hotels, about a 10 minute walk. Normally slightly smaller waves than Catalina point. Must surf this place on mid to low tide.

puntarocaPunta Roca

 A rock bottom left point break, breaking over a large rock table and reeling off of a shallow rock bottom reef for a short and thrilling tube ride. Located North of Catalina, about a 30 minute walk. This place is usually about the same size as Catalina, if not a foot or two bigger. Must surf this place on mid to low tide.


An island beach break and a point break, normally about a quarter bigger than Catalina. Located about 20 miles from the Catalina hotels, accessible only by boat, about a 1.5 hour boat ride. Must surf this place at mid to low tide. Boat rides to Cebaco are not included in the package.

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