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Our surf trips to Catalina take you to one of the best and most consistent rock bottom point breaks in Central America. Catalina is a 6 hour drive northwest of Panama city and the hotels sit either directly on the point overlooking the long right hand lava rock point break, or a 2 minute walk from the town of Santa Catalina.

flowercatalina_ice-print_keAs described in the Surf Report, Santa Catalina is “A perfect point break with long, hollow, powerful waves over volcanic rock bottom. One of the most consistent and biggest surf breaks in Panama, rarely under 4′ and as big as 15-20′ faces with a good swell.”

The tides fluctuate up to 18′ between high & low tide creating a variety of conditions and strong tidal push. Catalina is best at medium to high tide, however when the swell is over 8 feet, you can normally surf right through the low tide. Low tide gets really shallow and hollow with steep drops and very fast walls. The break is a center peak with rights and lefts, however the rights are more perfect and hollow than the lefts.

Since Santa Catalina is an internationally recognized surf spot, you will generally surf with anywhere from 5 to 10 surfers in the water. On crowded days, we have seen up to 30 surfers in the water. However, in many cases, our guests surf the point alone. Hotel Santa Catalina is located directly in front of the world class surf break and the paddle out channel is at the hotel doorstep! For more info visit:

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