dscn2383Standard: Accommodations include rooms with private bathroom, hot water, shower, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV and DVD. The rooms offer comfortable lodging, each one with ocean view and outdoor dining. We would suggest to bring your mosquito repellent because in the rainy season the mosquito’s can be bothersome at night. Garden hammocks are perfect if you want to take a siesta or just hang out.

Meals are not included. There is a variety of local dishes which may include fresh fish, shrimp, chicken, or beef with any combination of rice, plantain, fresh vegetables, lentils, beans, and french fries, and a traditional vegetable salad or local soup. Breakfast sometimes is included with the accommodation. For lunch or dinner you we will take you to the small town of Pedasi, which is 20-25 minutes away from Venao. Pedasi offers the facilities you will not find in Venao (more restaurants, banks, ATM, WI-Fi internet service, gas station, etc). Meals normally cost about US$5 – US$10.00.

You also have the option of staying in Pedasi. Just let us know what type of lodging you would prefer, and we’ll accommodate you according to your budget and needs.

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