Playa Venao Surf Tour

Our surf trips to Venado take you to one of the funnest and most consistent sand bottom beach breaks in Panama. Venado is a 6 hour drive northwest of Panama city and our tour lodging is either directly on the beach overlooking the perfect pealers, or in a nearby town about a 15-20 minute drive inland from the beach. Your lodging will depend on which package you select, either Economy, Standard, or Luxury.

jon-venadoVenado is a 3 mile long beach break, similar to Blacks Beach California, with long, pealing rights and lefts in front of the beach lodge. This spot catches just about every swell direction and it is rarely under 4′ and as big as 15′ faces with a good swell. On larger swells over 10 feet, it tends to close out and you have to surf the other spots close by. The ideal size for Venado is 6 to 8 feet at medium to high tide.

The tides fluctuate up to 16′ between high & low tide creating a variety of conditions and strong tidal push. Venado is best at medium to high tide. The beach break tends to close out when it is over 6 feet swell during the low tide, however you can normally get some fun tubes at low tide. Low tide gets relatively shallow and hollow with steep drops and very fast walls.

Venado is a popular spot for local surfers from Panama City and the town of Chitre, so on the weekends it sometimes gets somewhat crowded with maybe 20 surfers in the water. However, the beach is very long, and there are several peaks, so you can always find a peak to yourself. During the week, there is normally no one in the water, so you have the place all to yourself. The other spots surrounding Venado are virtually un-surfed, except on rare occasions when a handful of surfers from Panama who know about these places make the trip to surf there. But normally you can surf those spots alone. There are no locals who surf in this area.

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