Surf Breaks

There are many surf breaks in Bocas, accessible by 4×4 or boat. Some of these include:


A reef bottom left hander. Steep drops and super powerful with a tube you could fit a dune buggy in. The wave is kind of short though so when you come out of the tube, you can hit the lip once or twice or do a roundhouse cutback and then the wave ends on top of a rock on the inside. You could compare this place to the heavy breaks of Tahiti. There is an inside break that is a longer ride, but not as tubular and it only breaks when Dumpers is about 7 to 8 feet. This place is one of the most popular spots at Bocas, but rarely gets over 5 people in the water at once. You can normally surf here alone with your buddies. Bring your surf booties because the reef here is pretty gnarly for getting in and out of the water. The surf can get as big as 12 feet, (better have balls of steel) but that’s when the inside Dumpers starts really firing. Dumpers is located about 15 minutes from the main town by 4×4 transportation.


A reef bottom right and left break. It can get really good here, and you can get slotted in the tube on certain sections or hit the lip or do roundhouse cutbacks or airs. There are 2 or 3 different peaks you can take off from. This wave is more mellow than Dumpers and not quite as powerful, but it packs a punch anyways! Most of the less experienced surfers go out here because it is a fun wave and less dangerous than most of the other breaks at Bocas. You can usually get the place alone, but at times there are as much as 5 to 7 surfers out, depending on the day. We have surfed it as big as 12 feet. This wave holds size well. The bigger the more perfect with an incredible tube section. It is located about 10 to 12 minutes from the town by 4×4, just before reaching Dumpers.


A sand bottom beach break, breaking very close to the beach. This place is normally surfed by bodyboarders. The wave is super powerful and pitches some of the most amazing spitting tubes you will ever see. It has been compared to Hossegor in France. This wave snaps lots of boards. It normally gets about 2 feet bigger than Dumpers and Punch. It is the furthermost break on the main island of Bocas, about a 30 minute 4×4 ride from the main town.


A right hand big wave reef bottom point break, breaking out in the deep ocean, but close to an outer island, about a 30 minute boat ride from the main town of Bocas. The wave is super powerful and barrels like Backdoor Pipeline. The wave breaks on most average swells, but there has to be some kind of swell for it to break. When the other spots are 6 to 7 feet, this place can be 12 to 15 feet or bigger. We have seen it up to 25 foot faces. The people who have surfed this place have called it one of the biggest waves in Panama, and have compared it to big waves in Hawaii. Come prepared with a good 7’0” to 8’5” if you want to surf this place.


One of the best spots in Bocas. A left hand reef bottom point break that breaks on the outside of a round shaped reef and wraps along the edge of the reef for a ride about 150 yards long. The wave is located on an island next to the main island of Bocas, about a 10-15 minute boat ride from the main town. The wave is powerful and pitches some very long tube sections. When conditions are perfect you can get 5 to 6 second tube rides. The wave breaks on most any swell and is normally about the same size if not a foot or two bigger than Dumpers. This place holds any swell and just gets more and more perfect as it gets bigger. We have surfed it up to 16 feet faces. The people who have surfed this place have compared it with several spots in Fiji. This wave is super fun and you can get barreled two or three times in one wave, plus do several turns, cutbacks, roundhouses, airs, etc. The reef is super sharp and full of sea urchins, so be careful. You jump right out of the boat into the wave, so there is no reef dance on the way in or out. If you are not an experienced surfer it is probably wise to wear booties in case you get caught inside. You can normally surf this place alone with only your buddies, but we have seen up to 7 surfers out. It is getting more and more popular though, so surf it while it is still virgin.

First Beach

This is a long beach break on an outer island, directly across from the main island and town of Bocas. The boat drops you off on the back side of the island and then you walk for about 20 minutes through some beautiful trails and through a few cow pastures to the other side of the island where the waves are. The beach has a reef point break, and then beach break in the middle. The beach break is super powerful and when there is a large swell it tends to close out. We normally only surf this place when the other spots are too small. Generally, it gets much bigger at First Beach than any of the other breaks (except Silver Backs), so when the other breaks are only a 1-3 feet, you can get fun 4-6 foot beach break surf here.

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