Bocas del Toro Surf Tours

bocas-boatOur surf trips to Bocas take you to the main island of Bocas, with several smaller islands within a few minute boat ride from it. Here you will find some of the best surf ever discovered in Panama. The surf gets so good and perfect that people sometimes compare it with Indonesia or Tahiti. The biggest and most consistent swells hit Bocas from December thru March. You can also expect to find great waves during June and July. The climate in Bocas is tropical. Air and water temperatures are about 80 degrees feranheit. Bocas is surrounded by lush green primary forest. The beaches are long with white sand and the water is very clear and blue, so you can see the reef while you surf.

Bocas is a 45 minute charter plane flight Northeast of Panama city and our tour lodging is in the main town of Bocas. The town is full of great European restaurants, bars along the ocean, disco’s, and pool bars so there is plenty of exciting things to do at night. Your lodging will depend on which package you select, either Economy, Standard, or Luxury. All of the hotels are in the same area of the small town and the breaks are scattered around the various islands, accessible by a short 5 to 10 minute truck or boat ride.

Bocas has a variety of different breaks, from long, barelling, perfect reef point breaks (similar to the break called Restaurants in Tavarua, Fiji), to fun and powerful beach breaks, reefs with steep drops and spitting tubes , to challenging big wave spots (Note, it can get huge and most all of the waves are tubular.). The islands of Bocas catch just about every swell direction in the Caribbean and it is rarely under 4 feet and as big as 25 foot faces with a good swell.

The tides only fluctuate about 3 feet between high & low tide so you can surf all the different breaks all day long without having to wait for tides. Bocas is still virgin to the surfing world and few people know about it yet. You can normally surf alone only with the people you come with. However, we have seen the main breaks with as many as 10 people out. You can always find another alternative break with no one out.

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