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Santa Catalina Surf Tours

Our surf trips to Catalina take you to one of the best and most consistent rock bottom point breaks in Central America. Catalina is a 6 hour drive northwest of Panama city and the hotels sit either directly on the point overlooking the long right hand lava rock point break, or a 2 minute walk from the town of Santa Catalina.

Playa Venao Surf Tours

Our surf trips to Venado take you to one of the funnest and most consistent sand bottom beach breaks in Panama. Venado is a 6 hour drive northwest of Panama city and our tour lodging is either directly on the beach overlooking the perfect pealers, or in a nearby town about a 15-20 minute drive inland from the beach. Your lodging will depend on which package you select, either Economy, Standard, or Luxury.

Bocas del Toro Surf Tours

Our surf trips to Bocas take you to the main island of Bocas, with several smaller islands within a few minute boat ride from it. Here you will find some of the best surf ever discovered in Panama. The surf gets so good and perfect that people sometimes compare it with Indonesia or Tahiti. The biggest and most consistent swells hit Bocas from December thru March. You can also expect to find great waves during June and July. The climate in Bocas is tropical. Air and water temperatures are about 80 degrees feranheit. Bocas is surrounded by lush green primary forest. The beaches are long with white sand and the water is very clear and blue, so you can see the reef while you surf.

Rover Tour Surf

We offer the Rover Surf Tour that takes you and your group to where ever the waves are in Panama, whether it’s Pacific or Caribbean.

You select the dates, we check the surf and we take you to where the waves are. We include the surf guide/driver and 4×4 transportation in our fees.

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