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Panama offers much more than just surfing. If you like the out-doors, there are tons of things to do in Panama like sport fishing, spear fishing or diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain or rock climbing, sky-diving, river rafting, and much more.

Please contact us for information on other types of tours offered by Panama Discovery Marketing. We are currently constructing another site called www.tourpanama.com to provide all other types of tours as mentioned above, however, it is not ready as of yet.

Please note that we can also offer you additional tour activities and services to complement your Panama surf trip, such as:

  • Private Spanish Language Education: learn Spanish with a private bilingual tutor/teacher as part of your Panama tour.
  • Yachting / Surf Charters in Panama: surf Panama in style aboard a luxury yacht.
  • Kite Boarding Lessons / Kite Surfing in Panama: Too windy to surf? Learn to Kite-Surf in Panama.
  • Skiing or Wake Boarding / Wake Surfing in Panama: Surf is flat a day or two? Wake surf behind a ski boat.
  • Scuba Diving in Panama: Experience the incredible underwater sea life by scuba diving in Panama.
  • Snorkeling in Panama: Check out the underwater sea life by snorkeling Panama.
  • Spear Diving / Spear Fishing in Panama: Shoot fish underwater and pull them to the surface, very exciting!
  • Ocean Sport Fishing in Panama: Catch tuna, wahoo, marlin, sail fish, bonita, mahi-mahi, red snapper, grouper, and more.
  • Lake Bass Fishing in Panama: We guarantee you will catch lots of bass fishing in the Gatun Lake near the Panama Canal.
  • Mountain Biking in Panama: Cruise down some of the most incredible mountains and trails in the rain forest.
  • Enduro Motorcycling in Panama: Ride a motorcycle through breathtaking mountains, rivers and trails in Panama.
  • River Rafting in Panama: Raft down Panama’s river rapids and experience a thrill of a lifetime.
  • Kayaking in Panama: Kayak down Panama’s river rapids and experience a thrill of a lifetime.
  • Canoeing in Panama: Canoe through Panama’s lakes, rivers, and mangroves to see Panama’s natural wonders first hand.
  • Hiking in Panama: Hike through Panama’s best trails to witness incredible nature, monkeys, birds and much more.
  • Panama Canal Tours: Learn about the history of the Panama Canal, and see the ships go through or ride aboard one.
  • Embera Indian Village Tours: Visit or spend the night at this cultural indiginous indian village in Panama’s rain forest.
  • Bird Watching in Panama: Panama has the widest variety of bird species in the world!
  • Turtle Watching in Panama: Watch the turtles lay their eggs at night on Panama’s pristine beaches.
  • Whale Watching in Panama: Watch the whales jump above the surface of the Pacific ocean.
  • Panama City Tours: See the exciting and busy city of Panama, from a local perspective.
  • Panama Colon Free Zone Shopping Tours: Shop in the tax free zone of Panama.
  • Panama Historical Tours: Learn the rich history of Panama.
  • Panama Rain Forest Tours: See the green rain forest first hand through incredible trails, waterfalls, and more.
  • Canopy Rain Forest Tours: See the rain forest from the viewpoint of the birds and monkeys through a canopy tour in Panama.
  • Bungee Jumping in Panama: Jump from a bridge and fly through the sky in Panama.
  • Sky Diving in Panama: Jump from an airplane sky diving in Panama and see the country from a birds eye view.
  • Helicopter Charters / Helicopter Tours in Panama: Fly around the islands, mountains, and beaches of Panama in a helicopter.
  • Private Jet Charters / Private Jet Rentals in Panama: Fly first class in a private jet or airplane to anywhere in Panama.
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